Youth Group

May 2018

Who can come?: You and your friends in Grade 6+

Youth Group – May 11th: 6pm-9pm: Meet in Schmidt Hall to decorate t-shirts and make costumes for VBS.

Sunday Chat: 9:45am—10:45am. Meet in the GP for study and discussion with Jody and Beckie.

Confirmation: 5:30pm—6:45pm. Wednesdays at 5:30pm – last day May 9th. Meet in Schmidt Hall. Confirmation Sunday – May 20th; one worship service at 10am.

Need more info?: Beckie Jenicek at  208-755-0995 /

Message from the Director of Youth & Family Ministry

With the advance of spring I have been busy praying and planning for what might happen once September comes in providing faith-building for the youth and families at LCM. There is nothing more important to me than making certain that  every one of our young people have the opportunity to understand how much they are loved by Jesus and to learn what it means to have a relationship with him. With changes in society, we have to embrace changes in the church and I have some suggestions for updating how we offer Sunday School. I have talked with our youth, parents, and members, visited other churches, spoke with other leaders, read books, previewed curriculum, and prayed and prayed and prayed. Now I need feedback and direction so that a solid plan can be put into place.

The following proposal for Sundays, from Memorial Day to Labor Day, and beginning next September, has been discussed with the Education Committee, the Youth and Family Committee, and presented in my report to Council. I would like for all of you to take a look at it and let me know what you feel are the pros and cons:

  1. a) Move the 8:30am service to 9am—leave the second service at 11am.
  2. b) Shorten Christian Education to fit into the time between services.
  3. c) Move the children/youth over to the Sanctuary and Schmidt Hall, and the adults’ bible study to the GP cafeteria.

The children/youth Christian education schedule would look something like this:

10:10am—10:25am opening in the Sanctuary & 10:25am—10:50am meet in Schmidt Hall and the Library

Total time for education is decreased from an hour to 40 minutes, but I feel this would be a better use of time, resources, and volunteers.

I would love to have any input about this. You can respond by sending an email, writing a letter, or calling me (208-755-0995 or Input from all is important as we work together to nurture and grow.

Blessings, Beckie