Youth Group

March 2019

Dinner & Games | FRI, Mar 15 | 5:30-9pm | SH: dinner and board games in Schmidt Hall. Bring your friends! (youth grades 6 and up)

Faith Builders—Wednesday | Wednesdays, 5:30-7:30pm | GP: Youth & Family Time—ALL AGES; dinner at 6:30pm with games after.

Faith Builders—Sunday | Sundays, 10:10-10:50am | GP: Sunday Chat and LIVE through the Bible.

Need more info?: Beckie Jenicek, Director of Youth & Family 208-755-0995 /



I get to spend a lot of time with young people teaching them how very much Jesus loves us and how he would like us to treat others in return. I recently went with Jeff Lien and 4 boys to Lutherhaven winter camp. It was very snowy Friday when we arrived. Serendipitously, we were assigned rooms in the retreat center. I had a lovely room all my own as Jeff was down the hall with the boys. The other group that was supposed to be on that floor with us had to cancel so we had the entire main floor basically to ourselves. 

On our way back to the cars to get our things, I slipped and fell. There was a loud pop and a lot of pain in my left ankle. Fortunately, I had my own Orthopedic PA with me. As Jeff is trying to assess how bad the ankle was, I’m just lying there on the side of road not talking, just nodding and grunting. From around the corners of my brain fog, I could hear the boys talking about going for help. Once I was back up in the welcome center, I was told that all four came running in   yelling, “you have to come quick, Beckie fell down and something is really wrong because she isn’t talking.” It was decided that even if I went to ER they wouldn’t do anything until Monday. I decided to stay and hobble around, keep my foot up with ice on it as much as possible, and stay with the boys for the retreat. The boys unloaded all my things, took them to my room, loaded it all back up for me on Sunday, and took very good care of me all weekend. 

During one of our sessions we talked, in the small groups we came with, about how it is easy to love people who love us and easy to forgive people who we love. The boys all agreed that it was easier to be considerate of my foot because they knew me. As I hobbled around camp, I had to be very careful as kids ran past, jostling and bumping, not paying attention or really caring. Out of the over 80 kids there, other than my own, there was only one other little boy who would always ask if there was anything I needed, how I was feeling, and would step aside to let me go ahead of him in the food line. He was very quiet and soft spoken with a gentle spirit and found me in worship on Sunday to tell me he was praying for my foot and hoped it got better soon.

It made me think—How often am I like all the ones that were in too big of a hurry, jostling, and shoving my way through life, not taking time to notice if someone could use some extra encouragement or help. I was very proud of our boys and thankful for all the help they offered over the weekend. I agree with them that it is much easier to be considerate of those we already know and love. I pray that I am often, also, like the little boy who stepped outside his comfort zone to offer comfort and support to someone he didn’t know and would never see again.