Youth Group

Youth Group

February 2020

Faith Builders | WED
5:30—7pm | GP
Grades 1-12
Games and Dinner
(except 3rd Wed)

Faith Builders | WED, Feb 19
6—7:45pm | GP
Grades 1-12
Games and Dinner with CUMC

Faith Builders | SUN
10:10—10:50am | GP
Grades K-5

Sunday Chat
10:10—10:50am | Library
Grades 6-12
Sunday Chat with Jody & Mark

HS Bible Study | FRI, Jan 31
6:30-8pm | SH
Grades 9-12
High School Bible Study
and Leadership training

Winter Camp | Feb 7-9
Grades 3-8

Youth Event | FRI, Feb 14
6:30—9pm | SH
Gaga Ball & Board Games

Message from the Director of Youth & Family Ministry

Beckie Jenicek | (208) 755-0995 |

On January 15, 2020 the youth from Community United Methodist Church came and joined our youth for Faith Builders Wednesday.  It was a great evening of  fellowship, food, game playing, and sharing faith. I felt especially blessed watching these young people who are all a part of our community be able to join together.  I’ve worked in the past for churches that would not have allowed this to happen.  My previous youth were only allowed to have activities of the exact same denomination as the church I was working for.  It was always heartbreaking to me that we had to be exclusive because I don’t feel that exclusive is what Jesus wants our faith to be.  The ability to be inclusive with other believers is what it really means to be part of the community of Christ.  The ability to have an avenue where kids can join with kids from other churches and see who else in our CDA community is connected with Jesus, even through a different church, is the foundation for faith growth. The kids all had a great time.  We were able to use both our 9 square and gaga ball pit and it was super fun to watch them all have such a good time playing together and using that time to get to know each other. We had such an amazing time that the plan is that we will join together every third Wednesday until the end of this school year. 

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Beckie Jenicek, Director of Youth & Family 208-755-0995 /