Pastor’s Message

November 2017

Have you sung “A Mighty Fortress” enough for this year? We closed out October with a Festival then start November with All Saints Sunday. We remember the saints who have gone before us, light candles, and give thanks to God.

We looked back 500 years to the time of Martin Luther then with All Saints Sunday we look back and remember our own history and those saints who passed on the faith to us or encouraged us on our faith journey. It might seem that, as a church, we spend a lot of our time looking back – looking either to our immediate or our distant past.

A couple, who is my age, have a son and he commented on their conversation with another couple. He said to his parents, “Is that all old people do, sit around and try to remember stuff?” It made me laugh out loud because to some extent it is true; the older we get the more fun it is to talk with people who share the same memories we do. It validates us. It is comforting and can also be very entertaining.

As a church, we have a shared history, we share our ancestors in the faith, Abraham and Sarah and other biblical forebears, as well as Martin and Katie Luther, Philip Melanchthon, and the other reformers. We share a story.

I also think that maybe we look back because it is much easier to see God at work in the past. We can see God’s fingerprints, both on movements in history and also in our own lives. Looking back increases our confidence that God is still active in our lives and still at work in ways that only our lack of imagination keeps us from seeing.

God bless you and God bless LCM as we look back and then look up in hope to see where God is calling us, where God is pushing us. God is already there. To the doubts and the questions we have about the future, we have a holy YES from God who is into resurrection and second chances and new beginnings.

God’s peace to you,

Pr. Bob Albing