Pastor’s Message

Pastor Bob Albing

Pastor Bob Albing

September 2017

Your church council has decided to hire Rebecca (Becky) Janicek to fill the position of Youth and Family Minister. So now we can all sit back and watch the youth and their families fill our pews. Mission accomplished.

Wait a minute! Are you paying attention? Hiring someone to do Youth and Family ministry WITH us is not the same as hiring someone to do ministry FOR us. When we decided to make “youth and family ministry” a focus of this congregation, were you hoping this meant that someone else would do it?

Sorry. What we decided to do was make it a focus for ALL of us. So, that does not mean just paying Becky’s salary and observing. It means paying her salary (1/4 time, 10 hours a week) and getting involved: serve on the youth and family ministry committee, give to the Youth and Family Ministry Fund so there is money to work with, invite your grandkids, neighborhood kids, family members to come to events, offer to make food for a youth event, plan a Family Fun Night, offer rides, use your imagination! But most of all pray. Pray without ceasing. Pray for the youth and the families of this congregation, pray for Becky as she comes to be a part of our mission of Connecting People to God, pray for all the young people who are searching for purpose and meaning in their lives, searching for God and they don’t even know it. Pray. Pray for God to use you in some way to have an impact on our ministry to youth and families. And while you are at it, pray for me, that I can provide leadership and support for this very important ministry of our church.

God bless,

Pr. Bob Albing