Pastor’s Message

January 2018


Are you planning to attend LCM’s Annual Meeting on January 28th? It is always the last Sunday in January. There will be a lot to talk about at this year’s gathering. Many important topics will be discussed and voted on, which affect our congregation and its members. Here are a few of the agenda items:

♦ We will talk about the possibility of switching worship services annually; so, the traditional sanctuary worship will be at 8:30am and the GP contemporary service at 11am every other year.

♦ A report will be given by the committee working on other possible uses for the Gathering Place when the LAM lease is up. Come hear what they have to say. You can express your opinion about how the GP is used along with the income it generates.

♦ About your Pastor: I am requesting a sabbatical in 2018. I’ve completed 6 years of ministry at LCM, and our sabbatical policy allows the pastor to take a sabbatical after 5 years. For pastors, the length of a sabbatical is often 3 months long, unlike in academia where it is a full year. Although this time isn’t a vacation, it is certainly a time for renewing, recreating, and recharging.

See what I mean!?! You need to participate in our Annual Meeting if you want your voice heard on these and other issues that are key to our church home.

The Annual Meeting is also a time for you to learn more about what our staff, the council, committees, and ministries are up to. By doing so, you can then give informed support and direction for the coming year and beyond.

Your attendance is important! No one I know especially likes going to meetings, (except for enjoying the great lunch that is served!) but when one lives in community, gathering to discuss our future is necessary. Before our Annual Meeting, be praying for your church. I hope you do so all the time, but particularly leading up to this meeting, with important decisions to be made, it is imperative that we collectively join our prayers for the health of our church. Ask the Almighty for guidance as we seek to carry out our mission of Connecting People to God.

Oh, and did I mention there will be lunch served!

Pr. Bob Albing