Pastor’s Message

Pastor Bob Albing

Pastor Bob Albing

July 2017

As I write this article, I can hear the VBS kids singing their songs; new songs, songs about God’s love for them, and overcoming adversity. It is hard to think about first graders having to overcome adversity, but in case you forgot what it was like to be 6 years old – life is hard when you are that small and have only been speaking the language for a few years and have no car or bank account, no ID, and you have big people telling you what to do all day. Problems that seem minor to adults can seem huge to children.

So, I am glad that we carry out our mission – Connecting People to God – with little ones. They need God. They need a Savior as badly as big people. I am thankful for the ministry of VBS and all the ministries we do (and will do in the future) – Connecting People to God.

Thanks to Jeff Barnes, Mike and Cynthia Cheeley, Kathy Hall, Jody Harris, Eula Hickam,  Bettilu Hogue, Colleen Jeffers, George and Kay Lacy, Sheila Lien, Barb Midgley, Sandy Midgley, Katie Morrisroe, Julie Richardson, Michelle Reitman, Diana Wold, Mary Wollenburg, Ingrid Yates, and the youth group leaders: Caidrian Bradley-Barnes, Hanna Christensen, Leah Gackstetter, Mya Gackstetter, Alahna Lien, Ellen Midgley, Ellie Morrisroe, Mackenzie, Lilly, Ava Yates. Well done!

God bless. Pr. Bob Albing